Outdoor Beach Lounge Chair Lazy - Red

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Outdoor Beach Lounge Chair Lazy - Red

Outdoor Beach Lounge Chair Lazy - Red

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feature:1. Easy to inflate: If there is wind, just open the mouth of the recliner to inflate the wind. If the wind is negligible, just lie down on the recliner a few steps to inflate. No pump required 2. Anti-deflation: After the recliner is inflated, it will remain inflated for about 30 hours.3. Square Headrest: Upper back support and well-designed ergonomic headrest provide ultimate comfort.4. High Durability: Woven Lightweight Inflatable Recliner Made of High Density Water Resistant 190T Tear Resistant Polyester Can Bear Various Surfaces including Sand, Grass, Snow, Water and Even Gravel5. Indoor and outdoor: suitable for many occasions Perfect for camping, outdoor barbecues, beach or pool swimming, backyard entertaining and more. Material: Oxford cloth Size before inflation: Banana shape: 235*70cmAfter inflation: about 150--180cm Packaging: 45*29cmColor: as pictured instruct:1. Outdoor operation is recommended. Take the sleeping bag out of the cloth bag, open the sleeping bag, and stretch it out.2. Breezy weather, the foreign test is breezy weather, open the pocket and face the wind, and the wind will directly make up for the wind. If the wind is small, please run straight for 10 meters, fill with 70-80% air, then roll up the sealing strip until the inner air is full, then lock the sealing strip in half with the bayonet. Packing list:1x inflatable sofa1 storage bag"

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