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50Pcs Disposable Face Masks Mouth Mask with Elastic Ear Loops Filter Prevent bacteria anti-virus Masks Face Mask Specifications: - Type: Face Mask - Feather:Anti-Virus/Dirt/Flu Face Mask - 100% Brand New and High Quality Face Mask - Quantity:50-pcs Face mask - Colour:Blue Face Mask - Theme:Doctor & Nurse Face Mask - Material:Non-woven fabric Face Mask - Disposable and very comfortable Face mask - Without glass fibers Face Mask - Hypoallergenic Face Mask - Very low resistance to breathing Face Mask - Nose bar adaptable Face Mask - High filtration capacity Face Mask - Soft & high quality Face Mask Face Mask Description: The best disposable earloop 3-Ply Face Mask are right for you 50 packs Face Mask , factory sealed to ensure hygienic product arrives in best possible condition Strong protection, comfortable fit, safe and secure Face Mask Manufactured to the GB15979-2002 standard for Face Mask Filter Face Maskhelp reduce the viruses and bacteria that transmit the flu and keep your friends, family and others from contracting the cold. The 3 ply non-woven disposable Face Mask is made of 3 ply non-woven material, Face Mask is healthy and safe for you to use, such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and tape production processes, cellulose and paper / co-carbon steel aseptic for single use. Dustproof, breathable, hypoallergenic and sterilized. They block dust and microorganisms without causing stress or anaphylactic reactions to last through. The smooth fabric uses reduced fabric falloff wash-free maintenance-free, convenient, practical, safer and healthierFace Mask easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. Face Mask Perfect for medical, nail salon or any other areas where protection might be required, such as hospital, airplane, etc. Package included 1 x Retails Sealed Box50-pack Face mask

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